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Have you ever wondered what Justin Bieber would sound like if he was raised on a DIY punk rock ethos? If so, you are halfway to understanding the plight of pop punk act FRENCHIE!


With timing and precision, FRENCHIE! are ready to breathe new life into a somewhat stale genre. On their newest EP, simply titled “#Renegades”, forced emotion and fake, whiny, emotional diatribes are traded for shining, shimmering hooks, with enough sugar and California

sweetness you just might forget it's 36 degrees in February. Their live shows are

just as flashy, with balloon drops, dance parties, and confetti aplenty.

In just one year, FRENCHIE! have released two singles, a video, appeared in Alternative Press twice (among others) played with a variety of acts (including Knucklepuck and Smash Mouth), and even managed to play on the final cross-country run of Vans Warped Tour.


People are searching for something. The DIY kids are looking for more in a show, and the Pop crowd is looking for something more meaningful.

Can these two scenes coexist? The answer is found on the title track of FRENCHIE!’s new EP “#Renegades”:


“We are the Renegades, our hearts beat as one.”


The world is ready, and so is FRENCHIE!.

"A blast of positive pop-rock"

        - Chris McCoy Memphis Flyer

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