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"a blast of positive pop rock".  

Chris McCoy
Memphis Flyer

Have you ever imagined what Katy Perry would sound like if she'd been raised on DIY punk rock ethos? If you have, you are halfway to understanding the force behind FRENCHIE!. Comprised of leader Justin “Frenchie” Workman and backed by members of pop punk bands that helped shape Memphis skate-punk scene of 2009 and on, he has been working hard to craft a perfectly timed strike in the somewhat stale pop punk subgenre. On his newest EP simply titled ‘FRENCHIE!’, forced emotion and fake, whiny, emotional diatribes are traded for shining, shimmering hooks, with enough sugar and California sweetness you just might forget it's 36 degrees in February. His live shows are just as flashy, with balloon drops, dance parties, and confetti aplenty. The world is ready, and so is he.

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